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What’s your next big idea? Let us take a crack at it. This stage includes steps such as research, product design strategy, large volume idea creation, and lots of brainstorming (and coffee).


Finalizing established concepts and their physicality on a more tangible level. Depending on the project, this step might include both physical design as well as the products’ graphic identity.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being able to hold an idea in your hands. Need a mock-up before approving your product for manufacturing, or just want to see your product options in person? You’re in good hands- our fully equiped shop produces high quality physical scale models.

CAD Development

We are using the latest 3D modeling techiques to turn ideas into precise, engineer-grade models. We are fluent in both solid, precision modeling, as well as organic shape surfacing.


Whether it’s a quick sketch, a detailed drawing, a digital rendering, or a fully designed presentation- the way you show your idea is a big part of any project. Enticing visualizations can attractively represent appearance, function, as well as use.


Once the project is approved for production, we will take care of all the issues surrounding manufacturing. Our services include estimating production costs, identifying suppliers for all stages of production, as well as design the tooling.

If corn oil is made from corn and coconut oil from coconuts, what is baby oil made from?

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